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Adjusting the POI positions

Adjusting the POI positions
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I have built an App using Wikitude SDK, mostly it seems to work ok.

We have noticed an issue when testing with regards to the compass accuracy.
Now this issue may be hardware related and down to the sensors of the device, however I was wondering if there is a way to "influence" the values wikitude uses.

During testing we have noticed that even once the compass stabalises, it can still be out by 10-15 degress.
Our thoughts were if we could adjust and offset to the compass readings given to the Wikitude API then all the alignment issues would be solved.

The other approach would be to adjust the positioning of the POIs rendered on screen. So far I am using the MarkerObject, which takes a latitude and longitude for location and then I assume that is how the Wikitude engine takes care of the positioning of the element.
However, given that the compass values are incorrect the Marker which appears on screen does not line up with the real world object because of the fault described above.


Have you (the Wikitude team), or anyone else come across this issue?

Could anyone give any recommendations or solutions of how to work around this issue.

For the app that is built it is very necessary that the precision is at its highest.


Thanks in advance.
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