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Own 3D model doesn't appear in preview

Own 3D model doesn't appear in preview

I created a project with an image as target. I added an image and a 3D object to the target.

In the preview Wikitude renders the image but not the 3D object. I added the earth.wt3 file from the examples and this 3D object works just fine.

I have no idea what's the problem. I created the model with Blender and validated it with FBX Reviewer by Autodesk like mentioned in the documentation.

Wikitude Studio shows the 3D model but in the preview it doesn't appear.

In the attachments you can find the .fbx file and the .wt3 file of the model.




Hi Florian,

What you have to do once you clicked on preview is follow the process shown in the "Preview on Device" window:

1.) Download the SDK Samples app
2.) Find the URL your world was exported to (listed in enter the URL that Studio gives you after the Preview) and enter it in the SDK Samples on the mobile device. The Amazon Page you are redirected to is actually your world, but you can only see the AR objects on a mobile device.
3.) Check the preview on the device

Also keep in mind that animated 3D models are currently not supported in Studio - only static ones. We have this feature already on our list.


I followed the instructions of the preview window. I added two screenshots to this post so you can see that I did what the window said to me.

The first image shows my wikitude studio setup and the second screenshot shows the preview on my device with the Wikitude Application. Like you can see the red frame, an image file, which I added in Wikitude studio is visible and the not animated, static 3D model, the arrow, is not visible.

I hope you understand my problem now a little bit better.

Hi again,

Could you please send me the shorturl to your Studio project so I can further investigate? 


That one?

Any news?

Hi Florian,

I am sorry but for some reason the previous post you send was not received. The link you sent me is the url for the studio. I would like the shorturl of your Studio project which can be found in the Export Tab - Wikitude Hosting option.

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