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iOS 10 compatibility

iOS 10 compatibility

Apple released the iOS 10 GM and Xcode 8 GM build yesterday which enables developer to upload builds of there application using the iOS 10.0.1 SDK.

So far we have a build available from our Beta download page. This build works fine for everything tracking related (2d recognition/tracking). The final release of our SDK 5.3.0 just depends on one remaining CMMotionManager issue that is still present in the iOS 10.0.1 GM build. Up until now we haven't got any reply from Apple regarding this issue. We are working hard on a fix/workaround for this issue, but it's very likely that the final solution will not work as good as in previous SDK releases.

We're planning to release the final SDK 5.3.0/1.4.0 build early next week.


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We now finished implementing the workaround for Architect Worlds that require the geo feature. You can use the builds listed below to update your application for iOS 10. The package might miss some documentation or migration notes, but the library itself will not change for the public release.


Wikitude SDK JS API
ordova + Titanium: You can use the library that is part of the above mentioned package.

Xamarin Component


Wikitude SDK Native API


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Hi Andreas,

>Wikitude SDK JS API
>Cordova + Titanium: You can use the library that is part of the above mentioned package.

I cann't find the library for the cordova project. 

Maybe you meant to use "WikitudeSDK.framework"?

I would appreciate it if you could send me more detailed information about it.


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