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Target for recognition

Target for recognition

I have task to recognize car wheel and present new rims. Is it possible to recognize wheels on the car? What should be the target image for recognitions, or is it possible to recognize programmatically? I'm new to this problem. I think I need recognize black circle (wheel tire) what should be possible somehow.

Hi Jan,

If you want the augmentation to appear only when you scan the wheels of the car and not the whole car then your target image should be the wheel. Please keep in mind that, since all four wheels of the car are the same, when you will scan any wheel of the car then you will see the augmentation you have defined. If however you want the augmentation to be positioned on the wheel of the car then you can still define the car as the target image and position the augmented object wherever you want.


I need to target any wheel on any car. So if I understand it correctly, when new car is targeted, I need to make an image of it and locating the wheels all that programmatically. Than I can use this image and positions to present rims with Wikitude. All that should be done in background automatically.
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