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SnapToScreen GeoObject ?

SnapToScreen GeoObject ?

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Hello Alex,

I am afraid that you cannot use this class for the GeoLocation feature. If you refer to the SDK API Reference here you will see that the ScreenSnapper class is available for "AR.ObjectTrackable, AR.InstantTrackable, AR.ImageTrackable and AR.Positionable".



It seems there is no equivalent to Trackable2DObject.snaptoscreen function for GeoObject...

So any idea on how I can accomplish this:

I want to add a button which will center the 3d model attached to my GeoObject (exactly like Trackable2DObject.snatToScreen).


Unforutunately there is no snapToScreen equivalent available for AR.GeoObjects but you can define onEnter-/ExitFieldOfView listeners and display a div which holds a (WebGL) representation.

Best regards

Is this still the case ??

Are we unable to use snap to screen on GeoObjects ??

Too bad... So I have to find a 3d js framework (like three.js / babylon.js) to add my model on screen... This means that I need also to have my 3d model in different formats (one for wikitude, one for the js framework)...

I think that you should add this feature to your SDK as it should not be very difficult (you already have it for Trackable2DObject!).

Thank you
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