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Can´t view multiple takes of an fbx in the encoder

Can´t view multiple takes of an fbx in the encoder


First of all, you are doing a great job with the encoder, it imports .fbx files great. But I´ve a doubt. I don´t know what am I doing wrong because when I import a fbx with 3 takes done with motionbuilder, in the encoder I see the takes are there and I can play them, but only see the animation of the first one. Can you gime me a clue of what I´m doing wrong? I attach the file if there is a chance and you can check it out.

Thanks a lot!


Did you check your 3D model with Autodesk's FBX Reviewer?

It seems that none of the takes (animations) have an effect on the model. 

Thanks for the suggestion! and the fast answer! I´ve checked now the file in the fbx review and when I jump between takes (T key) there are 3 takes (scream, iddle and thriller dance).

But when I open it in the Wikitude encoder, the 3 takes are there, but only plays one. Also, the duration of the takes is right, but the character only makes one in repeat.

I attach a screenshot of the wikitude encoder.

Thanks again!



Finally I managed to play the takes into the encoder. From 3ds max I made the following if there is anyone intereste:

1. In 3ds Max, export the different .fbx animations to .xaf files.

2. Load the animations to the character as absolute and insert one after one into on one timeline.

2. With this script:, set the different takes and export the fbx.

3. Load into Wikitude and export.


Let me know if there is another aproaches or methods.



Happy to hear it works!

Thanks a lot for the instructions. Very appreciated!

Best regards!

i have used the script you have suggested to divide the animations in 3d Max, but when i export them by wikitude and useing them in code the animations dont work???even i use the same animations names in wikitude 3d encoder???any suggestions????

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