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Webservice Invalid

Webservice Invalid
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I'm done obtained a trial key

I have json from table mySQL, like this (Invalid (Valid)

This problem is invalid Webservice Response, can you help me? Whats wrong? or cannot support with PHP? and should be Parsing

this my code PHP



// connectiong to database

$con = mysqli_connect(HOST, USER, PASS, DB) or die('Unable to Connect');


//Creating sql query 

$sql = "select * from lbs";


//getting result 

$r = mysqli_query($con, $sql);


//creating a blank array 

$result = array();


//looping through all the records fetched 


while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($r)) {


    //Pushing name and id in the blank array created 

    array_push($result, array(

        "id" => $row,

        "longitude" => $row,

        "latitude" => $row,

        "description" => $row,

        "altitude" => $row,

        "name" => $row




//ini kode untuk membuat JSON dalam bentuk array

echo json_encode($result);



Thank You So
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