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Cannot run wikitude samples

Cannot run wikitude samples

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To build the Unity samples for iOS, please follow the steps from the documentation on how to set up the xcode project.

Best regards,

We've been tasked by a client with evaluating AR tools for use with Unity3D. So far Vuforia at least works, but lacks SLAM. Kadan and wikitude -- neither of these have samples can be built in either Android or iOS (from Unity). Android problems seem to be mostly related to API 24 mucking things up generally. We're mostly interested in iOS for a trade show in Las Vegas (need to create a demo app by end of September).

Is there a tutorial or _something_ that will help us at least build and run the wikitude samples?

In iOS we first get the bitcode-related error (linker). Disabling bitcode allows it to build and link, but then we get 


->  0x1fe1e08c <+0>: trap   

    0x1fe1e090 <+4>: nop  

Tried on multiple Macs, multiple iOS devices.

Using the latest versions of everything (Unity, Xcode, wikitude, etc.)

Please help! If we can validate one of these platoforms we'll license immediately.


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