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Start Activity Without press list menu

Start Activity Without press list menu

Can I run this app on APP icon click and start to open (com.wikitude.samples.SampleCamActivity) without press LIST (because i do not want)

I try this, on MainACtivity, but Can't

final String activityTitle = "Browsing Pois";

String activityTitles = new String;

String activityUrls = new String;

String activityClasses = new String;


activityTitles = "Native";

activityUrls = "6_Browsing$Pois_5_Native$Detail$Screen";

activityClasses = "com.wikitude.samples.SampleCamActivity";

Hi there,

Yes it is possible to develop your app in a way that when the user opens the app he is directed to the main activity, instead of seeing a list of selections. How to do that is entirely up to you as we can only provide some samples and support if there is a bug related to our product.

I hope this helps.

Thank you 
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