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iOS app crashing using Wikitude

iOS app crashing using Wikitude

I am integrating wikitude javascript SDK in my iOS native code.

I only want to create a location based AR where on click of one button, camera interface should be opened and the near by POIs should be displayed along with compass.

When I am copying the javascript examples in my native code and trying to navigate to WTAugmentedRealityViewController, the app is getting crashed.

Please help in this regard.

Hi Neha,

GeoLocation services are not supported on the Native API so if you really want to work with this feature then I would suggest you switch to Javascript API.

Thank you, 


Thanks for the reply..

I want to display the direction of compass or radar in a label along with POI name and description.

Is there any way to achieve this like if the POI is in the north-east direction of the user, the label should show NE or North East in the label.





Hi Neha,

You can download and see our sample code 8.HardwareControltoCameraSwitching from the Javascript package and see how we display POI data in this example based on their direction. 


Thanks...your reply helped me a lot.

I have few more challenges in my app.

1. When the POI is not in front of us or not in camera range, instead of showing direction indicator, I have to show a label pointing towards the POI that is not visible in the camera interface..Could you please let me know whether it is possible or not.

I have reasearched a lot how to show a label instead of direction indicator but did not get anything helpful. If that is not possible, I am also trying to show the label on click of direction indicator but click event of direction indicator is also not working.

2. Could you please tell me if there is any example where we are updating the distance on location changes, because I have written code for updating distance on location change, but its not working.





Hi Neha,

In terms of your first question, because I did not understand exactly, do you simply want to change the image and instead of the indicator have a label? Could you have a look at this reference?

Regarding your second question, I believe this forum post should help you.


Yes..As in wikitude app, the direction indicator is visible if the POI is not visible in the present screen. Similarly in place of direction indicator , my Client wants some label just to give a hint to user that which POI the direction indicator is pointing to. So that if the user will see the name of POI, he will decide whether to move the camera in that POI direction or not.





Please have a look at the "indicator" attribute of an AR.GeoObject.
You can define custom direction-indicators so that every POI has its custom drawable shown once it is no longer in field of view.

Hope that helps.
Best regards


I have implemented radar in my wikitude iOS application. But when I am clicking on back to go to previous screen and coming back to radar screen, the POIs are not coming in radar.

when I am launching the app for the first time, the POIs are coming in radar but when i m going back and coming again, the POIs got disappeared from the radar.

Please help me out.


Hello Neha,

Could you please provide us with some more details so that we can investigate your issue? 

- Which version of the SDK are you using? 

- What device does this happen with (os Version and model)?

- is this happening with the sample app or in your own app? If it happens with your own app, does the sample app work on your device?


Also, we have just released SDK 5.3 so maybe you could upgrade and see if you have this issue with the new release as well. Just keep in mind that we have not upgraded the Wikitude App yet so if you are working with that product then you should not upgrade.


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