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Simultaneous target recognition

Simultaneous target recognition

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I was wondering if it's possible to have simultaneous target recognition using Wikitude Studio. I've been able to add multiple targets to a single test project and recognize them individually but I have a use case where I would need to recognize 'n' targets in a room simultaneously (and display some info simultaneously too).

It it possible? If not, is it possible using the Wikitude SDK and what's the max number of simultaneous targets?


Hello Leo,

Unfortunately you cannot work with multiple trackers with none of our products. There is the option where you can define multiple trackers but everytime only one tracker can be activated.

Thank you, 



Great news for you as today we launched SDK 7, which introduces as well your feature request, “Multiple Image Target”. In a nutshell, SDK 7 includes:
  • Object Recognition
  • Multiple Image Target Recognition Hit-testing API for SLAM
  • Instant tracking improvements
  • Extended recognition range
Multiple Image Target’ feature enables recognition of several images simultaneously. Once the images are recognized, developers will be able to layer 3D models, buttons, videos, images and more on each target. Additionally, augmentations will be able to interact with each other based on the targets’ positions.

Check out this blog for a developer insight. You can download the new SDK 7 directly from our Download page. Enjoy our new cool features ;)



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