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Set up a basic project Android Studio

Set up a basic project Android Studio

Hi Guys.

So recently I've came to know Wikitud, after playing with the sample app I thought it might be a good idea invistagate the capabillites and API even further.

However, I am totally confused.

All I want to do is - recognize an image and if match found, overlay a small menu

on device camera, where I can click and interact with the object's functionallities, assuming it's an IoT device, for example.

Now, for the client part , I need to :

1.recognize my own image (maybe create a list of images to be recognized when space scanned with camera)


2.once recognized, augment an object (such as HTML etc)

I found the samples very complicated and unhelpful,

I did set up my project, added all the dependencies and edited the Manifest to allow different usages.

I did read some of the samples guides  \ docs and found it kinda messy


Can anybody point me \ help some way?

Thanks for reading!


Did you went through the documentation for Android Javascript and more specifically have a look at the Client Recognition example? There is a sample there where it says how you can scan an image and add HTML coding/drawables. You can refer to this example here.

You can dowload the sample app we offer and try and test the samples and add your own code in order to modify the app based on your preferences.

I hope this helps.

Hi Eva, thanks for your comment !

Yes i have viewed this sample and few others, my problem is understanding how to create the connections of activity code to js code.

Right now, I have this code as my main activity :


package com.example.hbxd78.augmentationtest;

import android.os.Bundle;
import com.wikitude.architect.ArchitectView;
import com.wikitude.architect.StartupConfiguration;

import android.widget.Toast;
import android.view.Menu;
import android.view.MenuItem;

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

private ArchitectView architectView;
protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

this.architectView = (ArchitectView)this.findViewById(;
final StartupConfiguration config = new StartupConfiguration(this.getKey());


private String getKey (){
return "RSGI8EE0XtbLAPhm11Yu1nGGPdGDGwyYnWMPth/NVM4aNCML/kvAgGxlVrv4jH0huGCRJM6+rvhBOwPseDaTGRDJYKVx";


But, 1.I'm not sure I've provided the key correctly, the docs about key are very hard to understand, they point to SDK sample, but there it's even harder to understand since there are 3 parameters (non documented in code) and most of functions are abstract so I can't find a way to view and understand.

2.Saying I provided the key just fine, now what? how do I connect my java code to open a camera and invoke the JS script.

I am more intretsted in the interactivity.js file (so that i can recognize & respond with a button menu etc..)
but having hard time realising how to make the connection.

I'm OK with js, so I think i can edit the interactivity.js file as I want but than again HOW do I apply my activity to "call" or invoke the code.

I keep going through the SDK example and from time to time I understand better but that would take me more than I can afford if I keep brute-forcing on the SDK sample.

Hope you can further help me , 

and thanks again :)


Have you tried to start from the beginning of the documentation here in order to have a better understanding of how you should start coding and write your own Architect World? Have you also started with a simple sample example such as Client Recognition -> Image on Target?


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