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3D Model Geolocation not in SDK Examples

3D Model Geolocation not in SDK Examples

Hi there!
I downloaded the SDK (both native and JS) and built it with Android Studio. Everything worked fine and the demo started on my device. But i can't see the 3D Object Geolocation menu. The 3D model voice just lead me to a sub menu with 5 samples instead of 6, so the last one (3D models on geolocation) is not appearing.
What im doing wrong? Could be an issue with GPS?

Thank you!



Taking a look to the code, i spotted this:

// don't include sample if it requires IR functionality on
// devices which don't support it.

So i'm suspecting my device doesn't support IR .. ?

This is my device:

Can you spot whats missing to run GeoLocation samples? It mounts Jellybean 4.1 so OpenGLES 2.0 *should* be supported.


Seems like it's missing the required sensors: electronic compass and accelerometer/gyroscope.

Yes, i can confirm the gyroscope and compass are missing. It has the accelerometer however. So its mandatory to have them in order to work with geolocation or can i work around it? 

Thanks :)


you need to have the electronic compass minimum. Gyroscope is optional. See full list of requirements for Android devices to run the Wikitude SDK here:


Hmm i have a doubt.

As far as i read, Pokemon Go could work flawessly even without a compass, because compass is not so diffuse as feature. Then why Wikitude requires it for geolocation? Can't you add same functions that would use GPS/Wifi positioning?
Thank you for the answer. 
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