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AR.__resourceUrl Bug

AR.__resourceUrl Bug

Thx for the feedback Michael! Highly appreciated!

Best regards,


Thanks for the prompt reply Andreas.

I've actually written a replacement function that appears to be working fine for now so a preview build won't be necessary.

Just on a side note, you might want to verify that slashes can be in the query part of the url as well.


Hi Michael,
I updated the function which resolves the URL. Unfortunately I can't tell you exactly when the change will go live. It probably might be end of August when we release our iOS 10/Android N compatibility update. In case you need a preview version very urgent, we might find a way so that you get early access to this build.

Best regards,


I'm not sure where to post bugs so I guess I'll try here.


There seems to be a bug with resource loading.

In my case I am using AR,ImageResource with a relative url.

This is failing because the function AR.__resourceUrl doesn't appear to handle slashes in the fragment portion of the base url correctly.


My relative url is asset/images/1.jpg.

The document.baseURI is something like file:///var/containers/.../index.html#/state.

The asset is not found because the function spits out file:///var/containers/.../index.html#/asset/images/1.jpg rather than file:///var/containers/.../asset/images/1.jpg


This issue was found while using an iPad mini on iOS 9.3
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