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window.location.href change from wikitude page

window.location.href change from wikitude page



I'm trying to open a url in my application directly to the smartphone YouTube application (like using an intent) by clicking on a 3D object in Wikitude.


In the event onClick changed the url of the page as follows:


window.location.href = "".


The code works, however redirects the page to the web version of youtube and do not call the YouTube application.


To my surprise do this same procedure on a normal page in phonegap works perfectly.


Someone can help me with this problem?

Hi Augusto,
The Wikitude SDK does no special handling of redirects that happen inside the ArchitectView. Maybe Cordova added some code or enabled a switch that we haven't.

You could try to:

* Set the document location to 'window.location = architectsdk://open_youtube?url=*url*'
* Setup a architectsdk protocoll callback in your cordova application using the Wikitude plugin function `setOnUrlInvokeCallback`
* Within the callback function, call again window.loation.href = "youtube url"

Did you know that you can also playback videos right within our SDK? You can define video augmentations (AR.VideoDrawable) or full screen videos (AR.context.startVideoPlayer).

Best regards,

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