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Trackable2DObject with VideoDrawable and 3DModel order

Trackable2DObject with VideoDrawable and 3DModel order



I am unable to adjust the order of render with a 3d object and a video at the same time. The 3D object is always forward and hide my video.


What can I do to fix this?


I use Wikitude SDK PRO Cordova for Android.



Hello Augusto,

When you augment for the same target a 3D object and a video then the 3D object will always overlap the video so, as you suggested, you need to change the values of the axis. For example, for the 3D object you need to test with the following code to see where you wish to place the model.

scale: { x: 0.045, y: 0.045, z: 0.045 },

For the video you need to do the same for the xAxis and yAxis here

var video = new AR.VideoDrawable("assets/video.mp4", 0.5, { offsetX: 0.2, offsetY: 0.2 });

I hope this helps.
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