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Custom camera effect

Custom camera effect

Hi, i'm building a swift iOs app with Javascript API. I have seen the custom camera effect and i want to implement it.

I read the example on sdk and I was unable to implement the effect. I have difficulty with Objective c and c++ code, i tried the tutorial on our site but the few lines on plugins were not useful.

Do you intend to publish a tutorial in the future?

Or where I can find something to help me?

Hi alessandro,


I'm afraid other than the documentation pages pertaining to the input plugins API and the actual sample code distributed with the SDK download package I cannot provide you with any additional resources.

The YUVFrameInputPlugin.cpp file of the sample code should, however, contain everything you need to know about implementing the shader effect.

What part of the implementation gives you trouble, specifically?


If you are not at all familiar with C++ and OpenGL this sample will be quite cumbersome to understand and ammend.


As of now, there are no plans to provide a tutorial style guide for this sample. We have, however, been getting a curiously large amount of requests regarding this effect.


Kind regards

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