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Geo-Tracking with Unity SDK?

Geo-Tracking with Unity SDK?


We are a group of students who will be working on a AR application that should allow a user to visualize old historical buildings through their phones. We're on the research phase of our project, and we wanted to use Wikitude SDK for this purpose.

We already know Unity, but we would like to be sure that Geo-Location based AR is possible with this Unity SDK? We've seen that it can do image tracking, but that's not what we need.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Our Unity plugin does not support Geo based Location services so the only way to work with Unity is by having a marker or with the 3D tracking. If you want to work with Geo Location services then I would recommend to work with Wikitude SDK or choose another of our plugins. Since you are students you can also request for an EDU license of our product on our Wikitude academy page.

I hope this helps. Thanks

Is unity sdk of wikitude now supports geo tracking?

Hello Hafsah,

Our Unity plugin does not yet support GeoLocation features but we do have this on our roadmap.



Hi Eva,

When do you guys plan to release it? 



We don't have a timeline for this feature yet.  You can upvote this feature request:

Thx and greetings



We have great news!

Starting with Wikitude SDK 8.6, and thanks to PendAR – augmented reality partner of Wikitude, developers can now use LBAR to create Geo-AR experiences in no time in Unity3D.

You can download the plugin from here.

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