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Simple AR application without marker tracking

Simple AR application without marker tracking

Hello. I'm really new to Wikitude and to AR apps. I got into it just because I decided my new Android app should use AR, as it would be the best solution. I've read the Wikitude documentation for Android native and there are mostly examples of marker tracking apps (I guess Android native SDK wasn't Wikitude's main concern). What I would need in my app is that a 2D image is rendered based on phone sensors (more accurately, to always be rendered on ground right beneath you). How can I make this happen? Any help would be really helpful, such as pointing out the right part of the documentation, explaining what I need to do or even an example in code. Thank you very much.

Hello Leon,

If you are working with Native Android then you should note that you can only work with image recognition and tracking and not with Geo Location services. This is why all the samples we have under this section emphasize on markers. For a full comparison table between Native and Javascript you can also refer here.


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