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Combine Javascript SDK + Unity or Unity + other POI solution

Combine Javascript SDK + Unity or Unity + other POI solution


I'm building an applicaiton which uses the Javascript SDK (iOS and Android), which mainly uses the POI/GeoObject feature. I'm also in need of 3D animated object + HTML based animated object (for 2D rendering and text).

I'm thinking about bringing in Unity because it would facilitate quite a lot the interaction with 3D object (especially for gaming feature), not counting on all the benefit of using the Unity SDK.

However reading the doc, I have the impression that you cannot mix the Javascript SDK and Unity plugin (it seems to be tight to Native SDK).

So my questions are:

1/ Can you mix the Javascript SDK and the Unity plugin at the same time? If yes, are there any code sample available?

2/ If not, do you provide POI or Geolocation based libraries that could help me build from the Native SDK + Unity plugin? Notice that I insist on fact that I'm starting from a location based AR.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Yannick,

It's not possible to combine the JS API with the Unity Plugin. If you intend to work with geobased AR you'd need to work with the JS API or the Cordova, Titanium, Xamarin Extension.


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