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wikitude studio mobile application open in new window

wikitude studio mobile application open in new window

Hi team

  Iam just started working with this online studio ,and i have ah issue like i cannot save google calender link using url because it needs to open in new window and not in same app browser ,help me or give any other idea for this issue .

and how to use html hyper link since i cannot click the same .

Thanks in advance 




Can you please explain in more detail what you're trying to do. Are you trying to create a button? If so what exactly is the issue?

Thx and greetings



thanks for your replay ,and iam actually trying to make ahapplike intractive invitation concept and like to clone as same in the link gave below .in this concept i tryed to attach event reminder link using some open source site in this i cannot download directly to my mobile which it needs to open  the link in new window and i tryed directly using my browser which the link works good  but the app doesnt allow open in new window it opens in same app browser.i have attached some snap shot like what i actually need .

and i have acheived all the option as like in the video except save the event for androidand ios.


you tube link-


looking forward.


and regards






I doesnt got any help ,please help me if any one knowns the solution .


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