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DistanceLabel updation in Marker.js

DistanceLabel updation in Marker.js

Hello Hardik,

Are you also trying to display the distance on the marker? Then please, review the following forum posts:



Did you get any solution for this?

I am a newbie in wikitude, But I have almost completed my first app. I have one query. I have shown  the distance of the POI from the user, in the HTML panel that slides in from the right. However, What I want is to have the distance to the POI shown in the marker on the camera screen itself. I know that this is possible. But I am facing some difficult. This is from where i create the markers.

for (var currentPlaceNr = 0; currentPlaceNr < poiData.length; currentPlaceNr++) {
var singlePoi = {
"latitude": parseFloat(poiData.latitude),
"longitude": parseFloat(poiData.longitude),
"altitude": parseFloat(poiData.altitude),
"description": poiData.description

World.markerList.push(new Marker(singlePoi));

The following is the creation of the marker, in the marker.js file.

 this.markerObject = new AR.GeoObject(markerLocation, {
        drawables: {
            cam: ,
            indicator: this.directionIndicatorDrawable

However, I need to have the distanceLabel property here. From where can I access it?

I update the distance to user values like this.

updateDistanceToUserValues: function updateDistanceToUserValuesFn() {
for (var i = 0; i < World.markerList.length; i++) {
World.markerList.distanceToUser = World.markerList.markerObject.locations.distanceToUser();

But I cannot get the distance property to the marker.js file at the time the marker is created. Any way to do that?

Thanks in advance,
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