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Multiple Image Recognition

Multiple Image Recognition

Hi Marco,

Studio does not support multiple image recognition and this is why you cannot set it up. If you have some experience with programming then you will find that our documentation provides all the necessary information. You can also download our samples and from the Download page and build the app (again you would need some basic programming experience).



Hi there,


Is it necessary to be a developer in order to experiment your multiple recognition feature?

I’m enjoying your SDK and the wikitude-studio, I’m able to set up images, objects etc… but not multiple recognition.


Can you help?

Hello Colin,

Can you please send your complete AR experience (.html, .css, .js files, assets, target images) with the ten images so we can test internally?

Thank you

Hi all, I'm new to Wikitude and have been trying to get multiple images to display different items. However, it works fine for up to 6 images, after that some images either are not recognized or don't display their item. To test I wrote ten image resources, I know the offsets are at default, I initially had them different but changed them to 0 so it was super basic :

var img1 = new AR.ImageResource("assets/nextbutton.png");
var overlayImg1 = new AR.ImageDrawable(img1, 0.2, {
offsetX: 0.0,
offsetY: 0.0



Each with their own trackable object:

var pageImg1 = new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, "group_interaction1", {
drawables: {


It only displays 6 of them correctly, and sometimes when I restart it is a different 6. Essentially, I just want multiple images to be recognised and each one to display something different. Any help would be appreciated.

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