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Knowing when the marker has completely lock

Knowing when the marker has completely lock

I succesfully have an example running with a marker I built myself on iOS. One issue that I'm having when the marker starts recognition is that it gitters a little until it settles. I'm trying to achieve 2 things.

1. I want the my element to draw on the marker when the level on confidence is good enough so that I know my asset won't gitter as its happening right now.

2. I want the recognition to take place when the user taps on the screen. As of right now, once it goes into camera mode recognition happens automatically. I have tried setting some onClick events unsuccesfully. I tried to pass enable from the imageDrawable to a global variable so the user can tap and make the element show. This is just a starters test for me to have control of when to draw. I haven't succesully found the click even to the camera itself and not the elemetns, is this even something exists? Here is the code so far:

var World = {


loaded: false,


init: function initFn() {




 imageEnabled : true,


createOverlays: function createOverlaysFn() {

this.tracker = new AR.ClientTracker("assets/", {

onLoaded: this.worldLoaded



/* Create overlay for page one */

var imgOne = new AR.ImageResource("assets/imageOne.png");

var overlayOne = new AR.ImageDrawable(imgOne, 1, {

offsetX: -0.15,

offsetY: 0,

enabled : World.imageEnabled,



var pageOne = new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, "*", {

drawables: {

cam: overlayOne


onClick: function () {

             World.imageEnabled = !World.imageEnabled;





worldLoaded: function worldLoadedFn() {

var cssDivLeft = " style='display: table-cell;vertical-align: middle; text-align: right; width: 50%; padding-right: 15px;'";

var cssDivRight = " style='display: table-cell;vertical-align: middle; text-align: left;'";


        var e = document.getElementById('loadingMessage');


        setInterval(function () {

            document.location = "architectsdk://invokedURL?parameter1=" + World.imageEnabled;










I figured out the click event on the main web view. For somre reason I was trying to add a listener to the body, but for somehow it wasn't registering. I ended up adding a div container that takes all the size of the camera. I'm now able to tap an enable things. Going back to my first question. Is there a way to know the level of confidence when the asset is mapped to the marker? At least an even that says marker is found so that I can map at that point?




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