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Custom Server to retrieve 3D images

Custom Server to retrieve 3D images

I'm totally new of witude world. I'm not even a Android/IOS developer but with my enterprise we are planning to start a totally new augmented reality project based on phonegap.

What I need to know about wikitude is if I could, by someway, store my custom 3D images in my own server and retrieve them, by pattern recognition, as I need.

I read abot Cloud Recognition but I don't know if it is a service I have to use in mandatory way or can I store 3D images in my  own server and retrieve them in custom way.

Excuse my vagueness but first to start with wikitude we need to know that.

Hi Domenico,

You can store your augmented objects (such as images, videos and 3D models) in your own server and then you can refer to these objects in your code as long as you put the correct relative path in the code. I suggest you have a look at our documentation regarding cordova/phonegap here and also have a look at our samples.

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