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3d Animation in the SDK examples

3d Animation in the SDK examples

Hi Javier,

The best way to see how you can achieve that is to follow the instructions in the documentation here. I hope this will help you with your use case.



First of all, I´m not a programmer, sorry for the ignorance. I´m testing the examples of the SDK, and replacing .wt3 files with some 3d files I´ve created. I´m testing the 3d models > appearing animation example. And I´ve managed to put the model where I want it to be.

The question is: how can I play the 3d file animation? In other words, what can I write to the appearinganimation.js file to make the 3d animation playable? I´ve tried with this

// instantiate the model object
var model = new AR.Model("butterfly.wt3");

// instantiate the model animation with the animation id
var animation = new AR.ModelAnimation(model, "butterfly_animation");

// start the animation


but I don´t know where tho put in the .js file. And another thing, the encoder groups the animations of the model into one take to play all at once. But I don´t know if the name Take 001 is misunderstood because of having spaces. Is there any other way to play all the animations at once into this example file?

Thank you for the attention!! 

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