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I am so confuse.

I am so confuse.

Hi I work like developer in an company and we are trying to understand how wikitude work for a client.  I have been reading the documentation for web in this link

I have read all and I tried to test this example:

When I open this in my local machine nothing happen, so I have uploaded all files to a server to test it but  I am getting this error:

GET architect://architect.js net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME

I do not understand what is this file and where find it.  Our idea is use this with html 5 and JS But in your documentation I did not see a easy path to follow.  

Please tell me how is the correct flow to run your example in a browser , Do I need something extra ?

I have read that wikitude can be use with html5 and JS but I do not know what is missing. is there a simple tutorial with all steps from 0 until see the final result ?






Hello Saul,

This is how I would suggest you proceed. First I assume that you have already downloaded one of our sdk products (Javascript or Native API for Android or iOS). You should take the folder under this parth /Users/evatriantafillopoulou/Downloads/WikitudeSDK_Android_5-1-4_2016-03-14_14-50-48/Examples/SDKExamples/wikitude-sdk-samples/src/main/assets/samples/1_Client$Recognition_1_Image$On$Target and upload only the file 1_Client$Recognition_1_Image$On$Target it to your server. Inside this file you will find the following info:





The assets folder is where you store your trackers, images, videos etc. The css is to style your app, js is where you write the code for the augmentation to happen and index.html is where you code html. Then I would suggest you follow this documentation and apply the steps.

Thanks Eva, I will try this 
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