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Xamarin and EDU Licence

Xamarin and EDU Licence


I am using the Wikitude SDK from the Xamarin Component Store and my Android application is working fine with a trial licence. But when i replace it with the Educational Licence I received, the application tells me my licence key is missing. I suspect it's a problem with the Application ID, that I specified for the Educational Licence.

The Application ID used for the signed key equals the package name in the Android Manifest.


Another reason for my problem could be that the Application ID (and the package name) contain some "-" characters. 

I really couldn't find much info on the the matter, so I hope you could help me.


My thanks,


Hello Tobias,

I have attached a document where you can find information regarding how to set up the bundle id for Xamarin on Android and iOS.


Thanks for the reply.


I already saw that document; it was referenced when I applied for the EDU licence.

Sadly that document only mentions Eclipse projects and applications in Android Studio and I use neither. Like I said in my original post the application ID for my key already matches the package name in the manifest like the Eclipse example suggests.

Hello Tobias,

No matter the software you are using to develop your app (Android studio, Eclipse or anything else), since you are bulding an Android application in the end you still need to follow the guidelines for the application ids for Android and iOS that I sent you within the documentation.


I understand that much. But I don't see how I could achieve that. I am using Visual Studio 2015 for my Xamarin application. They don't use gradle, so i can't really change my application Id in my build.gradle file and I already set the my package in the manifest like the other solution in your document suggests.

Yet somehow the Wikitude sample project must have achieved changing the id and my question is how?


AND could it really be a problem with my key since the key is named "uni-luebeck.imis.infogrid_2_0.lic.signed" which contains a minus/hyphen?

AND if that is the case, who could I contact to fix that?

It was indeed a problem with my key. I contacted your Sales department to fix the previously mentioned minus sign problem.

For anyone experiencing similiar problems. You can set the Bundle ID in Xamarin/Visual Studio via the package ID in the manifest.
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