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remote server for architect worlds

remote server for architect worlds

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I'm new to AR development, so I hope this isn't a stupid question!  I am using the SDK component in Xamarin.   In the documentation it says you can load AR worlds from a remote server.  How might I do that and is there anything special that needs to be on the server for it to work properly?  I tried putting a sample world on my server and had a some code like the following:


private const string SAMPLE_WORLD_URL = "";


and then to use it:


And it seems to find it but it doesn't work properly, it just shows "loading".  If i point it to a local world in assets, it works fine.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Are you using iOS? If so , when you load the architect world from your server make sure to use the https prefix instead of http.



Hi Eva,

thanks for your reply!  That is good to know.  However, I should have said that I am testing this on an Android device.  Is it the same for Android?




Can you send us the complete URL where you put the architect world either at so we can do some further testing?



Yes, I will send that.  Thanks!

I get "loading" as well, or the basic index.html for the subdomain..  thoughts?


there are a few things we need to know in order to pinpoint your problem:

- does this happen on Android or iOS
- Android/iOs version

- on native, js or extensions sdk

- sdk version
- does it work when you load the architect world locally?
- do you mean by "the basic index.html for the subdomain" that some website is loaded instead of the architect world?

Best regards,

Hello Alexander,

Thank you for your prompt reply.  To help, my end goal is to incorporate video drawables with remote serving and html placards (the transparent surfer) into a SDK developed geo-world google-earth created and exported to .kml file (if I said that right haha).  Have I missed it thinking that I can park the .kml files on a domain (subdomain address) I own and reference that from the Android app?

I am using Android 6.01, 

Wikitude SDK Javea 5.3 with js

doesn't work locally (may be my limited capabilities with Android Studio)

Any guidance greatly appreciated.

Thanks again..

Hi Dan,

you can not directly use a .kml file as input for the wikitude js sdk.
What you could do is:

Convert you kml file to a json format and load this json file like in the Sample 5.3. Obtain Poi Data from Webservice.

Load the kml file in your java source, parse it into a json format and pass it via the method  architectView.callJavaScript().

Load and parse the kml in js and use it directly. (jQuery provides a number of tools to load data from a remote origin).

Best regards,
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