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"Error reading target collection" after upgrading to JavaScript API 5.1.4

"Error reading target collection" after upgrading to JavaScript API 5.1.4

After upgrading the framework to version 5.1.4 (from version 4.x), none of the architect worlds previously created and exported with Wikitude Studio can be loaded anymore.

The error is "error reading target collection: supplied wtc file has version number 1.1, this client supports wtc files from version 4.1 onwards".

The WTC files for version 4.1 are still included in all packages, WTC files with version 1.1 are not present at all.


Since you upgraded from Javascript API 4.x to 5.1.4 you should also make sure that you have upgraded any other Wikitude tool you are using. In addition, you should also have a look at the migration notes in this documentation.

Since Wikitude Studio is a cloud service, there is no way of upgrading it. You will find a sample attached to this message which was created just yesterday and it doesn't work as well.

It seems like this might be a serious issue with your current distribution and it would be greatly appreciated if you could bring this to the attention of you developers.


I just tested the sample you sent us and I was able to see the "text" label once the image was targeted. Can you please send me exactly what is the issue you are facing (or what you would like to achieve) and maybe send over the steps to reproduce this issue?

Thanks for your help.

I was trying to open an Architect World from a local file URL (located in the application bundle) using the corresponding API call:



The issues seems to be related to a change in the file "converter.js" which is embedded in each package.


has been changed to


Now all of the Architect Worlds created last year won't load anymore with the new framework. There is another sample attached to this message.

Is there any way to avoid recreating all the packages?

Hi there!

I assume you didn't modify the project for quite some time. Try adding a new target and removing it right afterwards.
The issue may be related to an outdated wtc file that is used for tracking. Those are no longer supported in latest SDK version.

Best regards,
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