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Geolocation of models for Andriod SDK

Geolocation of models for Andriod SDK

Hello Luke,

The best was for you to start is to have a look at our documentation and sample app. This documentation here is the best example on how to have 3D models displayed on GeoLocations. 


Hi all,

Relatively new to this so take it easy, 

I?ve been doing a bunch of research into location based AR as i wish to use in my undergrad dissertation and Wikitude looks to be the best product to use.

Basically i want to be about to argument a collection of models which i have exact locations for, onto a landscape for the user to view them through their phone 

I understand this is possible as ive come across this page (

But if anyone could give me a little more details on how exactly to create this I would be very thankful.

Many thanks 


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