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Official sample app doesn't show any poi.

Official sample app doesn't show any poi.

Dear Dev, i am using your Wikitude SDK Version 5.1.4 in Android Studio, in Xiaomi Red Note 3 with Android Version 5.0.2.
I have a probelms with the sample "WikitudeSDK_Android_5-1-4", when i am running the demo it can't display any POI.
It happen in :

Poi At Location

Poi With Label

Point Of Interest Multiple Pois

Point Of Interest Selecting Pois

also when I am running the "Adding Radar" demo, it not working as well...


Can any one help me ? I am using the Wikitude SDK to create my final project at my university final year.

Hello Juan,

The message "Trying to find out where you are" is shown when your location cannot be fetched as needed. Please make sure that you have the location services on for the sample app.


Dear Miss Eva,

Thanks you for your fast respone,
it seems this error only happen on my Phone, I try to run the demo on my friends phone (Samsung Note 4) and it run smoothly.


Other question is Xiao mi phone is not supported in wikitude SDK ?

my phone is at API 21

and this my location setup, i think i already set it up right....




It looks like (based on the message you are getting) that the problem is with the requirements of your phone and specifically these three:

1. Compass

2. GPS and/or networking positioning

3. Accelerometer


Dear Miss Eva,

Yeah it seems the problem is my Xiao Mi phone.

Other question, in here i test the code using the Samsung Note 4.

I want to run the "6_Browsing$Pois_6_Bonus-Capture$Screen" in my code, what kind of class and dependencies that need to include in my code so
it can run the demo "6_Browsing$Pois_6_Bonus-Capture$Screen" ?

Here is my code.... this is the first time i code in android studio so...

package com.example.juan.thesis;

import android.os.Bundle;
import android.view.View;

import com.wikitude.architect.ArchitectView;
import com.wikitude.architect.StartupConfiguration;

public class arActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

private ArchitectView architectView;
Toolbar mActionBarToolbar;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

mActionBarToolbar = (Toolbar) findViewById(;
getSupportActionBar().setTitle("Augmented Reality Mode");

this.architectView = (ArchitectView)this.findViewById( );
final StartupConfiguration config = new StartupConfiguration("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");
this.architectView.onCreate( config );

protected void onPostCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) {


try {
} catch (Exception e){


protected void onResume(){


protected void onDestroy(){


protected void onPause(){


Also i already copy and refactor some of the code for the demo like:


and this what happen when i am running the code when i call the "6_Browsing$Pois_6_Bonus-Capture$Screen" form the asset.


The error state "trying to find out where you are" 


I think that the best approach for you right now would be to start from our sample app and the documentation we are providing and start with a very simple and basic functionality, such as only show POIs and nothing else. Then, you could gradually start adding code in order to enrich the functionality of your app.

I hope this should help.
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