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Unity Sample - Struggling to Change Tracker

Unity Sample - Struggling to Change Tracker

Hi there,

I'm likely doing something wrong but after several hours of attemping (unsuccessfully) to troubleshoot myself I figured I'd reach out for help.  I'm trying to experiment with the Unity/Wikitude sample package.  I can successfully import, build and launch it on my Galaxy Note 5, and it does indeed recognize the images and show the wikitude logo augment.  My challenge comes when I try to use one of my own images.  I'm following the directions found here...

No problem using the target manager and importing the generated wtc into the streaming assets folder.  The challenge is when I change the target collection on the ClienTracker to the new collection then push a build to my device, it doesn't recognize the image (or at least the wikitude logo isn't showing up).  That is literally all I'm changing, nothing else.  The weird part is when I change it back to the default collection and then rebuild again it won't recognize the default image either.  I was thinking perhaps something was being cached on my device so cleared the cache and all that good stuff and it still won't recognize.  I'm making the changes in a duplicate of the Client Recognition - Simple scene.  If I push the duplicate to the device before making the change and try it on the default image it works fine.  It's only broken after I change the target collection, and as I said above even if I change it back it won't work again.  My goal is to use my own images but I can't get past this issue so any help would be appreciated.


If you are using Windows, there is currently an issue where wtc files that are not directly placed in the StreamingAssets folder, but in a subfolder, don't work. It will be fixed in the next update, but in the mean time, please place all your wtc files directly in the StreamingAssets folder. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

That did the trick.  Thanks so much Alexandru!
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