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Live Broadcast Data Display Augmented Reality

Live Broadcast Data Display Augmented Reality

Hi there,

I'm new here and I have a question...

Is it possible to stream live data from a industrial-machine or something like that to the Epson BT-200 SmartGlass?

My idea is to show the live datas when I am looking at the machine with my SmartGlass on...I hope there is a oppertunity to stream the live data (like numbers of revolutions...) to my Epson BT-200.

Hope u know what I mean...

I am gradeful for any help!

Greeting Andy


Hello Andy,

This should be possible with the function ArchitectView.callJavaScript(). 


* call JavaScript in architectView

* @param methodName

* @param arguments


private void callJavaScript(final String methodName, final String arguments) {

final StringBuilder argumentsString = new StringBuilder("");

for (int i= 0; i<arguments.length; i++) {


if (i<arguments.length-1) {

argumentsString.append(", ");



if (this.architectView!=null) {

final String js = ( methodName + "( " + argumentsString.toString() + " );" );





Where should I add the code ?

Hi Andreas,

You can add the code wherever you want, you just need the architectView object. For example, the code I sent you, the function is a member function of the Activity which contains the ArchitectView.

I hope this helps. Thank you

Sorry, could u explain it once again ?

You need to retrive first the data and then inject on Architetworld and do whatever you want; that simple code its injecting info into the ARview from outside in this case Android(java) code; 
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