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Wikitude SDK that works on both Vuzix and Google Glass

Wikitude SDK that works on both Vuzix and Google Glass

Dear Team,

I was in search of an SDK that works on both Vuzix M100 and Google Glass. I have done some research work on finding out the suitable SDK and finally came to know that Wikitude SDK works on both Vuzix M100 and Google Glass.

As am a novice to this smart glasses the below are my questions.

1) I have seen SDK for Vuzix (v 4.0.3) and Google Glass (v 4.0.3). Do I need to download both the SDK's for the respective glasses and the coding part is same for both or do I need to change the code as well? (I have installed Java Eclipse IDE and OpenCV4Android)

2) Apart from the Wikitude SDK's do I need any other SDK's for Image recognisation?

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.



If you wish to work with Vuzix and Google Glass then I suggest you start with our sample and download them from here Also, you can refer to the documentation page we have regarding Vuzix and Google Glass. The code is pretty much the same (but with some minor changes)

If you want to do image tracking then you do not need anything else.

Thank you

As am a Novice to AR and in a research work to know the softwares/tools used in Image Recognisation in Vuzix and Google Glass.

Could you be much more precise about your previous post.

I need to download under that I need to download SDK for smartglasses of Vuzix and Google Glasses.

I need to download both (Wikitude SDK for Vuzix and Google Glass) of them isn't it?

one moe question: Do I need to download JAVASCRIPT API too from your download page?

If I start using Wikitude SDK of Vuzix/Google Glass do I need Android Studio as well?

Please let me know.
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