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PoiRadar and ImageResources disappear

PoiRadar and ImageResources disappear

Im using Wikitude 5.1.1 for iOS with Xamarin and everything is working fine but this bug:
.Sometimes when i push another controller or go to background by other mechanics when i return to the AR controller the PoiRadar disappears(even thought he is enabled) and all the ImageResources too leaving my AR environment with only the text i inserted.

Im not sure if this info is enough, if not just ask.

Hope you can help me,it´s a very unconfortable behavior.


Best Regards,

Pedro Silva

Hi, can you please download our latest version of Xamarin 5.1.4 that you can find here and see if the issue remains or if it is fixed. 

so far so Good, but i'll run more tests and then i'll give a definitive answer.Thanks =)

It's happening again, updating the SDK doesn´t fix it

Hi Pedro,
It would be very helpful if you could provide us with some more detailed steps to reproduce. 
Are you reloading the Architect World when the above described behaviour happens?

Best regards


It happens randomly when: 
  . Start the ViewController and load the world
  . Return from another controller and have to reinstantiate everything

  . Return from background :

     .Either when changed apps or locked the screen

It just happens randomly, the data loads well, but the resources don´t(ImageResources and Radar)

Could you provide us a project that demonstrates the behaviour? I would like to have a look at it.
Does the console shows anything interesting?

Best regards


I cant provide you with the code,but this image is an example or the situation

Hi Pedro,
Other users reported this behaviour as well. We will investigate it asap.

Best regards

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