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1. Scripting errors such as using uninitialized variables, etc.

2. Using 3rd party Thumb compiled native libraries. Such libraries trigger a known problem in the iOS SDK linker and might cause random crashes.

3. Using generic types with value types as parameters (eg, List<int>, List<SomeStruct>, List<SomeEnum>, etc) for serializable script properties.

4. Using reflection when managed code stripping is enabled.

5. Errors in the native plugin interface (the managed code method signature does not match the native code function signature). Information from the XCode Debugger console can often help detect these problems (Xcode menu: View > Debug Area > Activate Console).

#ifdef DEBUG

// Check the status of the compile/link

glGetProgramiv(prog, GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH, &logLen);

if(logLen > 0) {

    // Show any errors as appropriate

    glGetProgramInfoLog(prog, logLen, &logLen, log);

    fprintf(stderr, ?Prog Info Log: %sn?, log);





Hi marion,
I'm quite confused with your question. Are you talking about iOS or Android. Seems to me that you switch between the two of them.

Can you please rephrase specific question out of your previous post or give us more informaiton (screen shots, logs, which SDK are you using and for which platform (or extensions))?

Best regards

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