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blank trackable makes alignment hard

blank trackable makes alignment hard

during this evaluation period I am testing the way to use the exported .wtc file which in the Unity scene provides a square plain white panel.  Is there a reason that the target image ascociated with this .wtc is not displayed on the trabable?

I will in many posts quote Vuforia and it is this solution I am familiar with, but looking for alternatives and wikitude looks very promising!

When importing a trackable with Vuforia into Unity scene the target image appears in the correct scale/ratio thus making placement of 3D augmentaions easy.  With the plain white trackable already I am finding it cumbersome to acturately place the 3D models.

I have place a panel with image applied over trackable but the scale / ratio is incorrect and so find I then have to keep trying to make the panel / image fit right?






This issue will be addressed in the next update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Good to know thanks :-)
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