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Z Positioning when mixing 3D and video content

Z Positioning when mixing 3D and video content

Hi Folks,


I'm trying to recreate a relatively simple AR scene that displays a video amongst some 3D assets. Specifically, in part of the scene there is an alpha video that is placed on top of a 3D model. No matter what I change, the video always seems to appear behind the model on all axes (e.g. rotating 360 around the trigger does not affect the depth).

Currently this is using Wikitude SDK 5.1.4 on iPhone 6s.

Things I've tried to do so far:

Explicitly set the zOrder on the video (VideoDrawable)

Attach the video to a different Trackable2DObject with a higher renderingOrder

Can anybody please shed some light on how this is accomplished using Wikitude?

Edit: The exact same problem happens with images - no matter how they're positioned or how properties are adjusted, 3D content always appears over the top.



Hi Chris,
What you described is expected behaviour. Currently we always render 2d augmentations before 3d augmentations. If you need a version of the SDK which does it the other way around, then simply let us know.

With the next major release of our SDK we will remove this limitation.

Best regards


Thanks Andreas, much appreciated. I thought that might be the case but thought I would check anyway; glad to hear it's on the roadmap!

Hi Andreas,

in my tests it seems that the 3d Model always covers my video drawables. I would need the video in front of the model, what you described as the expected behaviour. Can I change this? Am I doing something wrong?

I'm using Wikitude SDK 5.3.0

For the future it would be really great if a video could be displayed on a "real" 3D-plane.

Hello Andras,

What you are experiencing is the expected behaviour of our SDK. That means that the 2D augmentation will always render before 3D augmentation. So when you place a 3D model and a video, then the 3D model will always be positioned in front of the 2D video. As mentioned by Andreas, we are planning to remove this limitation with our next major release.


Hi Eva,

>>> As mentioned by Andreas, we are planning to remove this limitation with our next major release.

That's good news! I really need this feature. Can we expect the release within the next 4 weeks?


Hi Andras,
The release which removes this limitation will very likely not be releases before Q2 2017.

Best regards,


The rendering order of 2D and 3D content is already available in the latest version of our SDK. Please download the updated version (SDK 6.1).



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