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Since 15 Days Did not get any License

Since 15 Days Did not get any License

Hi Nicola


I got your email thanks for your great support! It was my mistake, sorry about that.


Thanks again!


As I mentioned in my email I sent on March 25th, we don't have an order matching your your exact email address. Did you order with a different one? Please recheck your Spam folder for my answer.

I just sent you another test email, so we can check where my emails end up.



Im sorry about that if its not correct location to post this thread, but i have to get attention.

I was already using Android SDK of Wikitude for My Company. When i bought that at last November sortly i received my invoice and license information.

My company wanted from me to do same Wikitude things for our iOS apps too. So 14th March, I bought license for iOS too. But never received any information or invoice about my order. 10 times i checked my Bank and saw that the price already transfered from my credit card to wikitude. 4-5 times i sent an e-mail to but never heard back. Last week i called them, they said please send an e-mail again to, so i did it and never heard anything again. If there here anyone from Wiketude may help me ? I sent my emails from , i bought my licenses with this e-mail too.



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