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[ Cloud Recognition ] Detection Repeated Images

[ Cloud Recognition ] Detection Repeated Images


1) We don't do any image comparision if the image is arleady in the collection - so if 2 images are uploaded that are named differently but show the same content -> they can both be uploaded. If both have exactly the same name then the upload is not possible.

2) You can use the standard image recognition functionality to e.g. check the user's image against the ones in the database - if it is recognized, it's not added. BUT if the images have different elements, it might happen that even the same images might not be recognized as the same.




Our team is working with cloud recognition and the Wikitude API, we automated some processes but still have one problem. Because it's an automatic process to create online targets to be recognized will happen situations that some users upload the same image.

1) It's possible to know if that exact image is already on collections? Some kind of search or image code comparison.

2) Even I can distinguish the images with some properties and ID how the SDK will fire first?


What good and possible solution you have for this situations?


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