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loadarchitectworld path question

loadarchitectworld path question

Hi Andreas,

I successfully get rid of the neccessity of using coccoon since then, so currently it is not a problem for me. :)

However it is a good idea to keep the way of internal references clear and understandable, so thank you very much if you could make improvements on this.

Kind regards,


Hi Marton,
We already received responses from various people that our local URL handling might not work in various PhoneGap derivatives. We will udpate the impl. soon.

Best regards



I'm curious how the Wikitude phonegap plugin parses the relative path that is given to loadArchitectWorld when starting the AR activity.

I see the samples use a local path starting with 'www/world/...' and it all works nice for me, however if I use it in cocoon developer application, the plugin doesn't seem to find the given path.

Probably cocoon handles my www folder differently inside its developer app, but I wonder if is there any way to place my world files elsewhere or point to them a different way in order to be able to found inside the developer app.

I already asked it in the Cocoon forum but I did not get useful information about it so far, so any advide would be highly appreciated.

THanks in advance!

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