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Second time Architect appears failed in Xamarin

Second time Architect appears failed in Xamarin

Hi Javier,
Did you already read the following forum thread? This one might be helpful as well.

Best regards


Solved. I set WTSDKDisableDeallocValidation to YES in the environment variables and it wroks. Anyway, I think there are still some issues around when I close the view and go back again.





Hi all:

I'm using xamarin for an iOS project and I'm facing a problem. I have a Naigation Controller and a first view controller for the menu and the WikitudeViewController. It works the first time you open the app and click on a ListView item that opens the WikitudeViewController. But when you go back and click again on the list, app crashes and close.

I've spent a lot of hours with this... Changed the WillDissapear to dispose the architect and a lot of things more and I get back with the same error... Any idea?




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