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Video begins with black screen

Video begins with black screen

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Sorry for my ignorance.
We are developing a project that is a video of a magazine cover animated without alpha channel. Only the video over the cover with the same size and attached to it. The video is encoded with h264 codec and mp4 container. But when the camera recognize the trigger and plays the video, the video begins with a black screen and stopped. Do we need to duplicate the video vertical size and put a black frame below like the videos with alpha but without the alpha? Is there something I'm doing wrong?


Hi Javier,
If your video doesn't contain any alpha information, you don't need to duplicate the vertical video size. Just make sure that the isTransparent property is set to false.

Have you implemented the onError trigger for the AR.VideoDrawable? What's the video size? Full HD videos are not supported.

Can you post the onError output in this thread?

Best regards


Thank you for your help, I´ll forward this to the programmers so they can check if the error is something related to the things you mention. I´ll let you know when I´ve an answer.


Best Regards!
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