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Camera Frame image formats

Camera Frame image formats

Hi Folks,

I'm currently writing a plugin to link Wikitude to a third party library to do some image processing on the raw camera frame data. 

It's clear (only from the plugin examples) that calling getLuminanceData on the Frame class returns a byte array of 8-bit planar grayscale data (Y800). I can't see anywhere in the documentation what is returned from calling getFullColorSpaceData - would it be possible to clarify what exactly is returned here?

As a side note, it would make sense to add this into the documentation, as both the Barcode and Face Recognition examples only deal with grayscale.



Hi Chris,
Thx for pointing out that our documentation clearly misses these information.

On both, iOS and Android, you get a width*height 8 bit planar grayscale image with the getLuminanceData(). getFullColorSpaceData contains width*height grayscale data and then width/2, height/2 chroma data.

We're currently preparing the next SDK update, JS API 5.2 and Native API 1.3, including some plugin improvements. I just wrote an internal bug report to add more information to our documentation.

Best regards



getLuminanceData() already points to a full 420YpCbCr8BiPlanarFullRange frame.
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