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Camera Frame image formats

Camera Frame image formats

Hi Chris,
Thx for pointing out that our documentation clearly misses these information.

On both, iOS and Android, you get a width*height 8 bit planar grayscale image with the getLuminanceData(). getFullColorSpaceData contains width*height grayscale data and then width/2, height/2 chroma data.

We're currently preparing the next SDK update, JS API 5.2 and Native API 1.3, including some plugin improvements. I just wrote an internal bug report to add more information to our documentation.

Best regards



getLuminanceData() already points to a full 420YpCbCr8BiPlanarFullRange frame.

Hi Folks,

I'm currently writing a plugin to link Wikitude to a third party library to do some image processing on the raw camera frame data. 

It's clear (only from the plugin examples) that calling getLuminanceData on the Frame class returns a byte array of 8-bit planar grayscale data (Y800). I can't see anywhere in the documentation what is returned from calling getFullColorSpaceData - would it be possible to clarify what exactly is returned here?

As a side note, it would make sense to add this into the documentation, as both the Barcode and Face Recognition examples only deal with grayscale.


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