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Restrict Direction Indicator

Restrict Direction Indicator

Is there anyway to be able to define or restrict the positioning of the AR.GeoObject indicator?

Within the ARView I have defined menus and options, etc.
When a POI is selected and off screen the indicator will appear and point the direction of the POI, the problem I have is that the indicator appears behind the menu.

Is there a way to define a "box" for which the indicator is contained within, therefore it "thinks" the edge of the screen is actually 200px in from each edge. 
Or is there a way to get the indicator to appear above the menus (I have tried changing the  zOrder of the AR.ImageDrawable but that seems to have had no effect).


Unfortunately this feature is not supported, it will always appear at the border of the AR-view. You may use a direction indicator asset with a certain padding to workaround the "artificial border" though.
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