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Basic Open GL Shape not rendering after applying target MVP transform

Basic Open GL Shape not rendering after applying target MVP transform

Hi Selva,
The Wikitude Native SDK uses standard OpenGL ES 2, so you can draw everything that is supported by OpenGL ES 2.
For your OpenGL rendering it shouldn't matter if it is 3d tracking or 2d tracking. If the example already renders the augmentation at a different position, then your .wtm file might not be ideal. Can you try to rerecord the scene and verify the result? Maybe the object you try to recognize is not ver well 'trackable'.

Best regards


Hi Andreas,
Thanks for the reply.

I have tried with various scenes for 3D recording & tracking. I always get the stroked rectangle only when i point the camera way down of the target. 

As this question is very similar to my other question (link below), We can close this post and follow this issue on my other post. I have also attached a video as per your request in my other post.



I am trying to draw a basic triangle shape using the Wikitude sample application.

I am using Android OpenGL Tutorial to create a basic shape.

When i draw the shape without applying the Model, View and Projection Uniform. The shape (Triangle) is getting rendered.

But when I try to apply the recognized target's Model, View and Projection Uniform, it is not rendering.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong and I cound't find any post explaining how to apply the targets model, view and projection uniform with shape.


The shape I am using is a basic triangle as per the android tutorial (

It uses 'GLES20.glDrawArrays()' instead of the 'GLES20.glDrawElements()' used in your native sdk sample.

Is there any standards on what shape and APIs of GLES20 needs to be used for rendering in wikitude application? That works well with your MVP uniforms.


NOTE: I am a new user to Open GL ES 2.0

I just checked, It is working in 2D client tracking activity.

When i am trying this with 3D tracking activity, it is not working.

Even the samples Stroked Rectangle is rendered completely at a different location. May be that is the reason.

Can you please tell, how to render the shapes properly in 3D tracking activity and how it is different from standard 2D tracking activity?

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