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Problem with launching Wikitude Samples in Xamarin

Problem with launching Wikitude Samples in Xamarin

Hello Everybody,

I need a augmented reality solution to embbed in my android application. I have found Wikitude. 

I'm testing it, but can'y launch the sample. I have done a lot of search but it seems that no one has the same error than me.

Thanks for your help.


My environement :

Macos 10.11.3

Xamarin 5.10.2

Wikitude 5.1.1

Here the trace :

Probing '_monodroid_gref_log_delete'.

Found as '_monodroid_gref_log_delete'.

DllImport searching in: '__Internal' ('(null)').

Searching for '_monodroid_gc_wait_for_bridge_processing'.

Probing '_monodroid_gc_wait_for_bridge_processing'.

Found as '_monodroid_gc_wait_for_bridge_processing'.

Assembly Ref addref Wikitude.SDK -> mscorlib: 4

Assembly Ref addref Wikitude.SDK -> Mono.Android: 2

Assembly Ref addref Xamarin.Android.Support.v4 -> mscorlib: 5

Assembly Ref addref Xamarin.Android.Support.v4 -> Mono.Android: 3

Assembly Ref addref Example -> Mono.Android: 4

Assembly Ref addref Example -> mscorlib: 6

Assembly Ref addref Example -> Xamarin.Android.Support.v4: 2

Assembly Ref addref Example -> Wikitude.SDK: 2

NativeCrypto_EVP_VerifyInit ctx=0x6027adb8

NativeCrypto_EVP_VerifyInit algorithmChars=RSA-MD5

checkGLSurfaceViewlLogProperty get invalid command

WebView() constructor=com.wikitude.architect.ArchitectWebView{41e57be8 VFE.HV.. ......I. 0,0-0,0}

invalidate : current 7 != cached 0

from db cache, name = show_password , value = null

sWebCoreHandler.handleMessage() 0 obj=android.webkit.WebViewCore@41e63e48

NotificationPresenterImpl::setDatabasePath path = 

NotificationPresenterImpl::setSettingsValue 0 

sWebCoreHandler.handleMessage() done

SET_BACKGROUND_COLOR arg1=16777215 arg2=0 obj=null

ADD_JS_INTERFACE arg1=0 arg2=0 obj=android.webkit.WebViewCore$JSInterfaceData@41e87310

ADD_JS_INTERFACE arg1=0 arg2=0 obj=android.webkit.WebViewCore$JSInterfaceData@41e87620

(tid:7695) this:0x603912a0 camera->getStrongCount(3) 



  at <unknown> <0xffffffff>

  at (wrapper managed-to-native) object.wrapper_native_0x40929d6c (intptr,intptr,intptr,Android.Runtime.JValue*) <IL 0x0002a, 0xffffffff>

  at (wrapper delegate-invoke) <Module>.invoke_void_intptr_intptr_intptr_JValue* (intptr,intptr,intptr,Android.Runtime.JValue*) <IL 0x0007d, 0xffffffff>

  at Android.Runtime.JNIEnv.CallVoidMethod (intptr,intptr,Android.Runtime.JValue*) <IL 0x00052, 0x00223>

  at Wikitude.Architect.ArchitectView.OnCreate (Wikitude.Architect.StartupConfiguration) <IL 0x00066, 0x00307>

  at Com.Wikitude.Samples.WikitudeActivity.OnCreate (Android.OS.Bundle) in /Users/philippehoarau/Projects/Wikitude/Components/com.wikitude.xamarin.component-5.1.1/samples/WikitudeSampleAndroid/WikitudeSampleAndroid/WikitudeActivity.cs:44

  at Android.App.Activity.n_OnCreate_Landroid_os_Bundle_ (intptr,intptr,intptr) <IL 0x00013, 0x00107>

  at (wrapper dynamic-method) object.e6849aed-b75c-4032-9ff1-7e07367e10c7 (intptr,intptr,intptr) <IL 0x00017, 0x00043>

  at (wrapper native-to-managed) object.e6849aed-b75c-4032-9ff1-7e07367e10c7 (intptr,intptr,intptr) <IL 0x00027, 0xffffffff>


Attempting native Android stacktrace:


load_library(linker.cpp:759): library "" not found

load_library(linker.cpp:759): library "/data/app-lib/com.wikitude.xamarinexample-2/" not found

  at dvmAbort+176

  at ???+241000

  at ???+258060

  at ???+548105

  at dvmPlatformInvoke+112

  at dvmCallJNIMethod(unsigned int const*, JValue*, Method const*, Thread*)+568

  at ???+160608

  at dvmInterpret(Thread*, Method const*, JValue*)+180

  at dvmCallMethodA(Thread*, Method const*, Object*, bool, JValue*, jvalue const*)+512

  at ???+393116

  at ???+294424

  at ???+14420



Got a SIGSEGV while executing native code. This usually indicates

a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries 

used by your application.



Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadd00d (code=1), thread 7695 (.xamarinexample)

Send stop signal to pid:7695 in debugger_signal_handler


Hi Philippe,
It seems that our SDK is unable to call c++ methods using the JNI.
Can you give us more information about the Android device? Which type is it and which Android version is it running?

Best regards

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