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3D .fbx rigged character model problem

3D .fbx rigged character model problem

We have released the Wikitude3dEncoder 1.4 together with SDK 5.1.4, which contain several improvements regarding 3D model import and rendering. 
Please give it another trial with these versions.

Hi, unfortunately the Wikitude3dEncoder 1.3 for Windows is broken. There will be an updated version 1.4 provided today or tomorrow. 
Wikitude3dEncoder 1.3 for Mac, however, works fine.
So, you can either try the Mac 1.3 version or try again with the Windows 1.4 version. 

Thanks for the release of the program and for taking the time for noticing me. I´ve made several tests, but unfortunatelly can´t make the .fbx work. The encoder can´t open the file and takes too long to open the file. May I uninstall and install again or something like that? I´m testing this from Windows 10, don´t know if that affects the encoder.


Please give it another trial with the  Wikitude3dEncoder 1.3 and the SDK 5.1.3 released today.

As I said, you will only be able to use wt3 files exported from Wikitude3dEncoder 1.3 if you use the SDK 5.1.3. 

Both will be released beginning of next week.

Great! thanks!

looking forward for the release of the new encoder. Is there any beta wich I can download somewhere?

Thank you.

Also the guitarPlayingMax.fbx renders fine with 3dEncoder 1.3. 

3dsmax often uses a type of animations which were not supported in old versions of the 3dEncoder. 


Thank you for the quick response. Great news! it´d be great to have a new better encoder. The problem with the fbx is not with the model attached in the first post, is with the fbx that I export with 3ds max from that one. Like the one attached in this message. And results as the image attached.

I tried to link the hierachy to a one object, but that crashes the encoder. Can you point me on any direction for a solution?



The fbx file you provided works with the 3dEncoder version 1.3, which will be released (most probably) this week.
Note! For using the exported fbx files in the SDK you will also need to update to SDK 5.1.3. 


I´m testing wikitude 3d encoder for making animated 3d characters. So I downloaded a free .fbx character from Turbosquid: Mixamo-Justin_JoyfulJump_Animation (attached) and tested it on wikitude 3d encoder. And I can´t see the textures, but the animation works fine. So I tried to import the .fbx to 3ds max and export it again as .fbx 2006, like the one from Turbosquid, just to test if I can make an .fbx that works fine in the 3dEncoder, but the mesh is deformed as you can see in the picture attached. 

Does anyone know if is there any workflow wich is the best for exporting character animations with bones from 3ds max or Maya? So I can reproduce an animated model as the one from Turbosquid, wich works fine.  

Or any workaround to create rigged characters that works on 3dEncoder?

Thank you!


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