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Turn Off/ Disable Camera

Turn Off/ Disable Camera

I have been using 


To freeze the screen, whilst I display overlays of other div elements on the webView.

However I have noticed that in Nexus 9, this just halts the webView from processing anything, which is not the behaviour I have been experiencing with Samsung Tab3.

The problem is I do want to disable the camera when I show the overlays, just as a case of saving processing, power, etc.

Is there a method I can call to pause the camera and other parts of the architectview without stopping the webView from running.


Kind regards.

Please have a look at the JS flag.

Best regards

I tried setting = false;


this did nothing (with respects to stopping the camera), infact it cause a few issues when displaying certain popups, etc (they stopped appearing).



We will have a look at the issue.

Can you please post your Android device information, incl. OS version so we can reproduce the issue.

Thanks in advance.

I am using a Nexus 9, will attach a screen shot of the system information.


Some more information, I am using Jquerymobile pages to show and hide different content.

So on a click of a button I hide the AR "page" and then show a details "page", inbetween showing and hiding the pages I am then doing the call to disable the camera.

I used to call document.location = "architectsdk://button?action=goBirdsEye";

where I used to then handle pausing the view in the activity

this was then replaced to = false;

kind regards.

Thanks for the info, I will forward to the SDK team.

Best regards,

Any update on this issue?

kind regards.


We have a similar problem.

We are trying to disable the camera but keep showing the 3D. We run = false; and in Android is working correctly. The 3D is shown on a black background (which is what we want).

In iOS however the black background is on top of everything. So with = false; the screen is all black without any 3D shown!!


We are using Wikitude component for Xamarin v5.1.4. With previous SDK, iOS app crashed when tried to run the above line of code. In 5.1.4 sets all black...


So, is there any update on this issue yet? We are needed of an answer.

Thank you.

iOS does it as we expect it. If you turn off the camera, also the rendering should be stopped. We will update our Android impl. in the next minor SDK update.
We do this because our SDK is no 3d rendering engine but an augmented reality SDK which always draws the camera when rendering augmentations.

You could write a plugin for our SDK and draw a black rectangle (full screen) in the startRender() method do achive the same result. Unfortunately we don't have examples on how to use plugins within Xamarin, so you need to have a look at the iOS/Android example application and transform the logic behind into Xamarin.

Best regards

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